Who Should Be Arrested: Person of the Week

Every week we like to go through our rolodex of people that we just do not like for a certain reason and explain why he or she should be arrested.  Hopefully with any justice or karma out there, they will…

This week, we would love to see arrested, Hayden Christensen. I just watched Return of the Jedi today, and initially I was reminded of the days of old where this movie was a perfect creation of wonder and imagination. In steps Hayden Christensen… I already had to bath my eyes in fecal matter as Hayden tarnished the name of Anakin Skywalker in the awful new Star Wars film, but the fact that they had to “insert” this tool’s body into my beloved Return of the Jedi and make me have to see that awful face again to remind me of his awful acting abilities.  So… the question here is if they were going to “re-do” this end scene, why do we not see Ewan McGregor here as well as the “new” Obi Wan Kenobi? But I digress.. back to the original matter at hand, ARREST HAYDEN CHRISTENSEN since he raped us of one of the best characters in cinematic history. The end…




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