Man Arrested for torturing rats in a box – Ex-Boss says he is ‘a kind hearted bloke’

A Gold Coast man who filmed himself torturing rats in a box has been handed a four-month jail sentence, but his former boss says he is a “kind-hearted bloke”.

Ryan Frank Geaghan, 24, pleaded guilty to four counts of animal cruelty after admitting to pouring boiling water on the rats and stabbing them with a stick.

….Ok, …. ummm….. this is precisely why I do not use Craigslist anymore, I know there are these types of crazies out there. Obviously we should check out his Ex-Boss as well right? I mean, after hearing this story he still claims that he is “a kind hearted bloke”, so something is most likely wrong with that dude as well…

“Hey Ryan, wanna grab a drink at the local bar by us?”

– “Sorry fellas, got a busy evening of torturing rats in box, thanks for the invite though!”


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